Bundle Set

Explore our bundle sets designed for home owners and solo designers. These bundle sets are priced for single license.​

For Home Owner

Designed for home owner to design every detail of your floor plan, from the overall layout to lighting and electrical layout.


One-time Payment

For Solo Designer

Designed for solo interior designer who wants the full range of our PowerPoint planners at a lower price point.


One-time Payment


It’s one-time payment only—no recurring charges or subscription fees.

Yes! Our bundle set includes both Metric and Imperial versions of our Ultimate Floor Planning Tool to ensure compatibility for all users.

We welcome designers to make direct purchases for their personal or personal project use. Kindly note that the bundle set is intended for a single user (read our Terms of Use here). If you’re working as a team, please purchase our team license.  If you have any other commercial needs, please reach out to us at hello@pickapalette.com 

We appreciate your enthusiasm, however please advise your colleague make his/her own purchase. Our standard license is for single user only. Please read our Terms of Use before purchasing.

If you are considering purchasing for a team, we offer a team license option. If you initially purchase the standard license and later decide to upgrade to a team license, we will discount the amount you have paid for the standard license. Just shoot us an email at hello@pickapalette.com

If you’re a designer who works solo, you only need a standard license. However, if you need to share our product with your team, you’ll need to purchase a team license (depending on how big your team is).

Both our check out partner Lemon Squeezy and Gumroad use secure 128-bit SSL encrypted payments, it’s pretty safe!

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If you didn’t make a Lemon Squeezy account, just click the Generate button in your original purchase email.

If you purchased through Gumroad, just click the Generate button on your receipt from Gumroad after your purchase. There is a guide on how to do this here.

If you get stuck, just shoot us an email at hello@pickapalette.com.

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You’re also welcome to drop us an email at hello@pickapalette.com

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