Frequently Asked Questions
We provide similar services to Interior Designers virtually. We’re an online ID solution. We help homeowners to design their homes through virtual meetings. We also offer consultation sessions to advise homeowners’ feasibility of the design. You could understand us as the ‘light version’ of interior design services.
Our services do not include the actual renovation works. However, we have a vast amount of construction experience, and with this, we are able to address the foreseeable construction issues during the design stage. However, we are not involved in actual renovation works.
Yes. We have partners who can assist you to implement the design. We can assist you in seeking quotations from them should you be interested.
Our clients come to us for the following reasons:
  1. They have ideas in their head and wish to make them feasible.
  2. They are not getting decent design advice from the ID contractor they engage.
  3. They are busy and do not want to be bothered by the details and research works for renovation.
  4. They want to begin conceptualising their home early though their units are still far from completion.
  5. The extent of their renovation works is minor and it is hard to engage an ID.
  6. They decide to hire a contractor for their renovation works by presenting their design plan to the contractor. This is cost-saving to the owners as they do not engage an ID.
  7. They wish to explore more design options.
We will show you various design options during the ‘sketch’ stage through our virtual meetings. You can take your time to look through the ‘options’ and come back to us with your final decision. After which, we will finalise the design based on your final decision.
It depends on the size of the unit. It would be faster for a small unit as compared to a bigger unit. We typically advise about a month to complete the design from start to finish.

Our design package is tailored for pricing, construction, and visualisation purposes, The package ranges from Detailed Layout Planning, Mood Board, Material Board, and Cabinetry Details. From the designer’s perspective, 3D renderings are not required to achieve the design outcome.

However, if a client deems 3D renderings absolutely necessary for visualization, we offer 3D renderings as an add-on option.

(Client to be cautious that 3D renderings come at a cost and sometimes do not give you an accurate picture of the lighting, materiality & actual size of the space)
Our layout planning service begins at S$200 and the full design package begins from S$700. The price might be adjusted based on the size and complexity of the design. During the first zoom meeting, do provide us with details of your projects and we will come back to you with an accurate fee.
We accept PayNow payment. Works only begin after payment is received. We accept 50% payment in two tranches for a total fee exceeding S$400.
Glad you are interested! We can kick off by having the first virtual meeting. In this session, we will learn about your needs and concerns. Drop us your floor plan and let me know your requirements in advance for a more fruitful session.

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