My name is Katy, I have over a decade of experience as an architect and interior designer.

Throughout my career, I have developed a deep passion for creating design documentation and bringing ideas to life.

Many homeowners possess unique design concepts but lack the necessary tools to express and explore their ideas effectively. Recognizing the importance of comprehensive planning and detailed design drawings, I witnessed how a lack of proper preparation often led to regrets among self-designing homeowners.

Even among professional designers, the existing design tools proved to be challenging and often resulted in frustration. The difficulties lay in getting started with an accurate base plan, making changes, and experimenting with design options.

We embarked on a journey to explore the potential of simple software in creating professional drawings. Our initial success came with the development of stencils set for Procreate, which garnered significant attention. Now, we proudly present the PowerPoint planning tool. As we move forward, we are committed to expanding our range of interior design tools in the upcoming months.

We aim to empower individuals by providing them with the resources, tutorials, and guidance they need to unleash their creative potential. Together, we can break down the barriers that hinder creativity and help everyone discover the joy and power of drawing in their design journeys.

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