Interior Design Service

We know that home is important to you, and we want to make it easy for you to achieve your dreams.

Interior Design Service

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Layout Plan Service


Layout Plan

Taking the first step to visualise your new home is exciting! We will help you explore and actualise the layout ideas and maximise all of your square footage.

This service will also help you obtain a ballpark quotation from contractors.
  • Detailed layout of the entire home
  • Dimension for all carpentry design, furnishing, and appliances
  • Advice on planning, carpentry design, and furnishing


3D Design

We will explore the spatial design using 3D modelling tool. After which, you will be able to visualize the space, mood, light and details in the digital rendered image. It is time to imagine yourself in your new home!

This service will explore the spatial design in a detailed 3D model and help you visualise the completed look in digital rendered image.
  • Digital rendered image of your home including all the key spaces such as living room, dining, kitchen, master bedroom, bedroom, and bathroom
3D design service
Details Design Service



Details are documented to remind the contractor of the unique features of the design, dimensions, and accessories to avoid any misunderstanding.

This service will eventually help you communicate with the contractor the carpentry design & details accurately and obtain an accurate quotation from the contractor. It will also assist you in any possible misunderstanding arising from the mismatch of the delivered product by the contractor.
  • Details of the carpentry work such as kitchen, shoe shelves, bedhead, vanity cabinets, TV cabinet, bookshelves, etc (number of details varies according to the individual project)


Material Board

Material selection is a tough call. We will help you select the materials from our library and make sure you can make the decision with ease when the time comes.

This service will also help you communicate with the contractor the materials of the design and avoid costly surprises.
  • Material selection of the key spaces such as living room, dining, kitchen, master bedroom, bedroom, and bathrooms
  • Materials include flooring, wall paint, wall tiles, cabinetry finish, countertop finish.
Material Board Design Service


Design Timeline


Design Timeline


We provide similar services to Interior Designers (ID) virtually. We help homeowners to design their homes through virtual meetings. We also offer consultation sessions to advise homeowners’ feasibility of the design. You could understand us as the ‘lite version’ of interior design services.
Our services do not include the actual renovation works. However, we have a vast amount of construction experience. With this, we are able to address the foreseeable construction issues during the design stage. However, we are not involved in actual renovation works.
Yes. We have partners whom can assist you to implement the design. We can assist you in seeking quotations from them should you be interested.


Starts from S$1500



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