Nailing MUJI Style Home

Have you ever been to a store that gives you the true sense of ‘retail therapy’?

It would be a resounding ‘yes’ for me, and the Muji store is the place.

I find it a therapeutic experience on my every trip to the Muji store.

I had even stayed in a Muji hotel in Beijing once, and the experience was simply unforgettable. Peaceful, warm (especially in the freezing weather of Beijing), and I felt as if I was out of the world.

What makes it unforgettable? I feel that it is truly because of these!

Background Music (BGM)

The first thing that comes to my mind would be the music, the soothing jazzy music being played in the background.

Touchable Surfaces

Secondly, the feeling of touch, all surfaces are touchable and finished with light oak texture or wallpaper and give you a sense of warmth.

Muji Style Home Material Finishes Palette


Lighting Design

Thirdly, it is the lighting. The lightings are designed to be smart and not intrusive, often hidden from your direct view.

Muji lighting design


Color Palette

Lastly, it is the color palette. There is nothing that stands out. All colors and materials are designed to complement each other and complete a picture. 

Muji color palette

Such that you can see grey or dark brown but can never see black.


Furniture Selection

In nailing Muji style in your home, of course, there are so much more to consider, but here are some points for you to consider if you are making Muji-style home.

In looking for furniture for the Muji-style home, you will certainly be spoilt by the choices on Taobao. 

Here I select five furniture finds I like! They usually come with timber detailing. You can find the purchase link here too.

Muji Style Sofa

Muji Style Wooden Chair

Muji Style Sofa Moss Green Taobao

Muji Style Timber Shelves Grid Square

Muji Style Shelves Steel Timber Taobao


Tell us what do you like about Muji Style!

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